Watch: Reese's Creates World's Biggest Candy Bar

Reese's just created the world's BIGGEST candy bar.
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Look: Snickers' "Largest Chocolate Nut Candy Bar" World Record

Snickers just set a world record for the "largest chocolate nut candy bar". It's a special Snickers made of more than 3,500 pounds of chocolate and 1,200 pounds of caramel, peanuts, and nougat. We’ve created the most satisfying SNICKERS bar ever with the help of @GWR . pic...
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Bar Gives Women Free Drinks Based On Weight

There's a bar in Dubai that's offering a new special: Women get free drinks based on how much they weigh, and the chubbier they are, the more free drinks they get. A woman gets about 12.3 cents of drink credits for every pound they weigh, so a 200-pound woman would get $24.60 worth of free drinks...
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Look: Snickers' Pecan Bar

Snickers is selling a limited-edition PECAN bar online, but it's selling out quickly... -- SOLD OUT -- Hurry! Limited Edition Snickers Pecan available to order right now- as of this writing around 3000 left. $30 for 15 bars and free shipping. Head over to ----‍♀️----‍♂️ Mmmm......
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The Top Cities For Bar Hopping

The website just put together a list of the 10 best U.S. cities for bar hopping. They say it's based on the number of "cool" neighborhoods with lots of bars that are walkable. The top 10 are, in alphabetical order: Atlanta . . . Asheville, North Carolina . . . Austin, Texas . . ...
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pokemon burgers

Catch 'em all at this Pokémon-themed pop-up coming to STL

ST. LOUIS (KYKY) — For grown-ups who love Pokémon, and booze ... it's Pokébar ! The Pokémon-inspired pop-up bar is coming to St. Louis in early 2020. It's already traveled to London, Dublin and Liverpool. Where exactly it'll pop-up in St. Louis is still a secret, but a ticket will cost you $45 and...
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Look: Censoring Bar Bikini

There's a new see-thru bikini that looks like it's "censoring" you with a black bar. Shalese Bikini Cult Gaia x @adrianadegreas_usa A post shared by CULT GAIA (@cultgaia) on Jun 16, 2019 at 8:39am PDT
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The Stanley Cup Champion Blues Partied Hard at OB Clark's All Day

(Y98) - Day 1 of the Stanley Cup Championship celebration in St. Louis was appropriately held at OB. Clark's, the Brentwood bar known to be a favorite of current and former St. Louis Blues players. That's where the #StanleyCup and many Blues players and coaches were for most of the day Thursday,...
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We talked to the Philly bar that started the Blues 'Gloria' craze

(Y98) - The Jacks NYB is the bar in South Philly that is responsible for the Blues' "Gloria" phenomenon. Everyone knows the story by now , that a bunch of Blues players were at the bar on January 6th to watch the NFL playoffs. During commercials, the DJ at the bar played '80s songs, including Laura...
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Look: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Emoji Bar

Hershey's just announced they're going to change the design of their chocolate bars for the first time since 1894. Instead of each little square of chocolate saying "Hershey's", they're going to have different EMOJIS printed on them. The emoji bars will be available for the summer. You ❤️ emojis...
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