back to school

6 Hacks to Elevate Your Dorm Decor

Going off to college is an exciting new chapter for both parents and incoming freshmen. While there may be a lot of stress around the transition, one great way to feel right at home is customizing the new digs and making them cozy. While the term "dorm decor" may sound limiting at first, it doesn't...
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8 Back-to-School Items You Need Now

Back-to-school time is right around the corner. While you may not be thrilled that summer's coming to an end, going shopping for school supplies can help get you in the mood for classes. You may not be running to the door for that history lesson, but the prospect of scribbling with a cool pen or...
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9 Songs to Get You Pumped for Going Back to School

It seems like it was only yesterday that your long carefree summer days appeared endless. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year when you need to start thinking of trading the sunblock and swimsuits for backpacks and notebooks. But don’t get down, because a new school year offers more than just...
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7 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your College Freshman

A child starting their college journey is an exciting time, for both students and parents. While getting ready for the major shift can be scary, it doesn't have to be. After all, as a parent, your ultimate goal is preparing your kids for adulthood and giving them the skills they need to navigate...
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6 Essential Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Back to school is an exciting time for families, but it can be stressful too (and not just because the kids are pouty about summer being over). Even though you’re not the one going back to class, there are important steps you can take as a parent to ensure that the transition from vacation to...
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EPC Computers Back to School Sale

On August 3rd, Jill Devine and Y98 were at EPC Computers' back to school sale!
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Beers Cheers Tears

Mellow Mushroom In Cottleville, Missouri Is Hosting A Beers, Cheers, & Tears Brunch

It's Back To School time!!! The Francis Howell school district starts school TOMORROW (way too early in my opinion) and the Fort Zumwalt school district starts next Wednesday. Some parents are excited for their kids to go back and some are going to have a hard time because it's their child’s first...
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school supplies

TEACHERS: Save on school supplies at Target with this exclusive deal

(KYKY) — Target is offering teachers a discount to get ready for going back to school. For one week, July 13-20, educators can save 15% on select classroom supplies and men’s & women’s apparel. To access the coupon, teachers must enter their identification information to be verified. Those...
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Kid Morning Routine

5 Songs That Will Help Your Kids Through Their Morning Routine

Now's the time of year where parents have to jack their kids out of bed and get them ready for school on a tight timetable. How best to enliven this typically miserable routine? Play some music! To this end, Lifehacker has come up with a list of five songs to pair with each stage of your child's...
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Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Walk Daughter To Kindergarten

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard joined the throngs of parents posting back-to-school photos on social media this week. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Kristen posted a cute pic of she and her husband walking their five-year-old daughter, Lincoln, to kindergarten on Wednesday. Nerd alert!!! The team...
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