Japanese Airlines Lets You Know Where Babies Sit On The Plane

Japan Airlines just launched a new feature on its website that tells you where BABIES are sitting, so you can avoid them while choosing your seats. It only works if the parents booked their tickets online. And we haven't seen any other airlines doing it yet. But an online survey found most people...
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PHOTOS: Fenton firefighters celebrate 8 births with adorable photo shoot

FENTON, Mo. (KYKY) - The Fenton Fire Protection District is welcoming eight new members to its crew. Eight different firefighters had a new addition to their families within the last 10 months – so they had a photoshoot to celebrate. The four boys and four girls met for the first time during the...
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Kansas City Zoo gives birth to its first red panda triplets

ST. LOUIS (KYKY) - The Kansas City Zoo just announced the birth of their first Red Panda Triplets that were born on July 11th. While Red Panda Triplets are rare, the zoo was thrilled when they found out that they would have three new additions to the family. @nyankokimi three new reasons to come...
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Check Out These Summer Safety Tips For Babies

We went to the pool over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend with some of our friends and let me tell ya, it's an ordeal getting everything ready for the girls AND getting them ready! Lu will be 3 in September and Charli is 6-months-old, so each girl has certain needs when it comes to the pool and...
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Watch: Blues National Anthem Singer Charles Glenn Sings "Gloria" To Newborns

Enjoy Charles Glenn singing "Gloria" to newborn babies at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Glenn also retired as the Blues' national anthem singer last night with another AMAZING job. Video of Blues' national anthem singer Charles Glenn sings 'Gloria' to newborn babies...
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Michael Phelps swimming with baby

Michael Phelps reveals tip for parents swimming with their children

(KYKY) — The most decorated Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps, knows a thing or two about swimming and has shared one tip that will help your child become a confident swimmer; that's to get your child comfortable getting their face wet and head submerged in water. Phelps told Business Insider ,...
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Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Vows To Appreciate What Her Body Can And Cannot Do

Carrie Underwood posted a photo on Instagram of herself in her workout clothes, and she looks amazing. But her caption doesn't agree. It starts off with her saying she's having a tough time bouncing back after giving birth to Jacob in January. She can't run as fast, or lift as much weight as she...
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Walmart Hosts 'Baby Savings Day' This Weekend

Calling all new parents or parents-to-be out don't miss out on this sale! Walmart is hosting a Baby Savings Day this weekend in stores and online. According to ABC 20 , will have everything from car seats, sippy cups, diaper bags, and pacifiers on sale February 23rd, Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:...
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Newlywed Meghan Trainor Wants to Get Pregnant "Instantly" After Tour Ends

Meghan Trainor is "All About That Baby!" The newly married pop star told Extra on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday that she hopes to get to work starting a family with husband Daryl Sabara as soon as her tour wraps. “I got baby fever. Like always. My whole life,” the 25-year-old Trainor gushed. "I...
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Andy Cohen Is Getting Criticized for Taking His Newborn on a Plane Already

Welcome to the parenthood Andy. Get ready.... The Watch What Happens Live host is already being criticized on social media for a picture he posted of himself and his newborn while being in a baby carrier boarding his plane. His son, Benjamin Allen was born February 4th, so there are comments that...
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