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Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning

If you've been cleaning your house more since coronavirus hit, just be sure not to make any of these dangerous cleaning mistakes.
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What We Are Now Doing to Avoid Getting Sick

A new survey found 85% of us are now doing things to avoid getting sick.
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How To Avoid Getting A Cold

You can't get a cold and the flu at the same time, according to a new study. The doctors found that both viruses create an inflammatory response in your body that basically acts like a barrier to the other one, so the one that gets there first wins out. Click Here to see more.
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Topics That Cause Fights On Thanksgiving

According to a new survey, the conversation topic that's the most likely to lead to a FAMILY FIGHT during Thanksgiving is long-standing family tensions. 46% of people say they believe it will lead to an argument. Here's the full list of topics that are likely to cause Thanksgiving fights... 1. Long...
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The Chores We Like To Avoid

A new survey found the top chores we like to avoid... 1. Washing our car. 2. Raking leaves. 3. Folding laundry and putting it away. 4. Mowing the lawn. 5. Doing the laundry. 6. Cleaning the bathroom. 7. Taking out the trash. 8. Washing the dishes. 9. Cleaning the oven. 10. Mopping. Click Here to...
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Watch: Car Drives On Sidewalk To Avoid School Bus

Security video in New York City filmed a car driving on a sidewalk between a school and some school buses. The buses were blocking the street so the idiot driver used the sidewalk as a detour. Fortunately, no one was hurt. VIDEO: A CAR JUMPED A CURB IN BORO PARK, NEARLY RUNNING OVER SCHOOL CHILDREN...
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Discussion Topics Not To Touch At Christmas

A new survey found the discussion topics that people won't touch at Christmas to try to avoid fights, tears, or their sister storming out and swearing next year she's going to spend the holidays with her boyfriend's family... 1. Politics, 68% of people avoid it. 2. People's personal lives, 55%. 3...
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Watch: Man Jumps On Hood To Avoid Hit And Run

A six-second video out of Texas shows a man clinging to the hood of a banged-up car that's driving down the road. The person who posted the video said the car was fleeing an accident and would have HIT the guy if he hadn't jumped onto the hood. The video ends there, but the guy was reportedly able...
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Watch: Driver Uses License Plate Shields To Avoid Paying Tolls

A guy in Florida was busted earlier this month for avoiding tolls by using remote-controlled shields to block his license plates. He's been charged with fraud and theft. Miami driver cleverly avoids SunPass tolls on the Dolphin Expressway because Miami (HINT: watch the license plate closely) h/t @...
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Topics To Avoid On A Date

A recent survey in England asked people to name the top things you SHOULDN'T talk about on a date, especially a first date. A few of them are specific to the U.K. For example, the British reality show "Love Island" made the list. But here are the top ten that also apply here... 1. Your past sexual...
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