Patrick Mahomes

The World's Most Exciting Athletes

Are these really the most exciting ATHLETES in the world?
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St. Louis Community Reacts To Tragic News Of Kobe, His Daughter's Deaths

People from St. Louis and in the St. Louis community react to the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.
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Watch: Athletes In Halloween Costumes

"USA Today" has a video montage of the BEST Halloween costumes for ATHLETES for the year. Click Here to see the vieo and more.
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The World's Highest Paid Athletes

"Forbes" has released its annual list of the 100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World. Here are the Top 10: 1. Lionel Messi, $127 million, Soccer 2. Cristiano Ronaldo, $109 million, Soccer 3. Neymar, $105 million, Soccer 4. Canelo Alvarez, $94 million, Boxing 5. Roger Federer, $93.4 million, Tennis 6...
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The Highest Paid Female Athletes

"Forbes" put out a list of the '10 Highest Paid Female Athletes,' and EIGHT of them are tennis players, including Serena Williams, who's #1, after making $18.1 million over the past year. Of course, Serena has been busy with her baby daughter during a lot of the past year, so only $62,000 of that...
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All The Athletes The Kardashian Girls Have Dated

Because this is something we should ALL be keeping track of, "Cosmo" put together a list of all the athletes the KARDASHIAN girls have dated. Strangely, only THREE of them have done it. Here's the rundown: KENDALL JENNER: 1. Chandler Parsons of the Dallas Mavericks (August 2014) (He's on the...
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The Highest Paid Athletes

"Forbes" has released its annual list of the "100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World." FLOYD MAYWEATHER is #1, and there are NO women in the Top 100. That hasn't happened since they started doing the list in 2010. 1. Floyd Mayweather, $285 million, Boxing 2. Lionel Messi, $111 million, Soccer 3...
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Dancing With the Stars Season 26 Premiers Tonight

Everyone’s favorite celebrity dance competition begins tonight on ABC and will be unlike any before it. The 26th season of DWTS is the first ever all-athletes edition as well as the shortest season to date only running four weeks with double eliminations every single week. If you are a fan of the...
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The Most Popular Athletes

YouGov recently did a poll of the MOST popular athletes. Here's what they found... For MEN... Jackie Robinson - 79% Babe Ruth - 76% Michael Jordan - 74% Willie Mays - 73% Muhammed Ali - 71% For WOMEN... Jackie Robinson - 67% Babe Ruth - 67% Muhammed Ali - 66% Michael Jordan - 65% Serena Williams -...
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