Apple is offering $1 million to anyone who can crack a specific iPhone hack

(KYKY) - Apple is offering to pay $1 million to anyone who can get to the core of Apple's iOS operating system and gain control of an iPhone without requiring any user interaction (carry out what is known as a zero-click full chain kernel execution attack). Apple is giving a $1 million reward to...
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Look: Taco Bell Removes Caramel Apple Empanada

It's hard to believe that Taco Bell's Caramel Apple Empanadas have only been around for a decade, but that was enough time for them to grow a SERIOUS fan base. And now they're gone. Apparently Taco Bell secretly removed them a few months ago, and now that people are realizing it, they AREN'T happy...
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new 2019 emojis

New 2019 emojis continue to promote diversity, inclusion

(AP/KYKY) — Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emojis that include cute critters, of course, but also expand the number of images of human diversity. Apple Inc. is releasing new variants of its holding hands emoji that allow people to pick any combination of skin tone and gender, 75...
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Apple Changing iTunes

Apple is reportedly dumping iTunes after 18 years. In its place, they're releasing separate apps for all the stuff currently jammed into iTunes . . . like music, podcasts, TV, movies, and books. All of those apps will do what iTunes does now, and you won't lose any of your downloaded purchases...
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Tim Cook

Why the New iPod Touch Might Be for You

It's been 4 years since an iPod has been released
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Look: Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Calls Her Out Over Picture

Gwyneth Paltrow got called out by her daughter Apple for posting a picture without her permission. --⛷❤️ A post shared by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on Mar 24, 2019 at 12:12pm PDT
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Apple Wants To Start A "Netflix For Video Games"

Apple is in early talks to start a new subscription service that'll basically be a Netflix for video games. In other words, you pay a flat fee and get unlimited access to a list of titles. Talks with game developers are in the early stages, so there's no word what a subscription will cost, or what...
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LIST: Apple Unveils the Best Apps of 2018

Do you have one or all of the apps below on your iPhone or iPad?
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Apple Music's TOP 100 Global Songs And Albums For 2018

Apple Music released their "Top 100 Global Songs and Albums for 2018". Drake is Number One on both. "God's Plan" and "Nice for What" are the top two songs, and "Scorpion" is the #1 album. Drake was also named their Artist of the Year, and Juice WRLD is their Breakout Artist. "I Like It" by Cardi B...
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Look: McDonald's Changes Their Apple Pies

McDonald's just made big changes to their apple pies. They have a criss-crossing "lattice crust" on top now, and they use more cinnamon and less sugar. And so far, the response online has been VERY negative. @McDonalds I didn't think you could really ruin an apple pie... but you managed to do just...
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