Justin Bieber performs at Allstate Arena on Friday, April 22, 2016 in Rosemont, Ill

Justin Bieber Posts A Selfie From Therapy Session

I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber, but I respect and praise the awareness he brings to mental health. From E! News : For some time, the singer has been sharing news about his mental health journey and now, he's encouraging others to do the same. On his Instagram Story, the 25-year-old tells...
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How Jewel Cured Her "Massive Panic Attacks"

“I learned to let go of perfectionism. I’m more accepting,” says JEWEL. This girl is tough, and I never really knew it. Jewel left home at age 15 because of her alcoholic father and problems after her parents divorced. Two years later, she was living in her car. “I started having massive panic...
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Venmo Anxiety

If you don't know Venmo, it's an app that people can use to instantly transfer money to each other. But you can also see when one of your friends sends someone money, and that's making people realize other people were hanging out and they weren't invited. And THAT'S causing "Venmo anxiety." Click...
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kids yoga

STUDY: Yoga in Schools May Help Kids With Anxiety

At a time when stress in U.S. schools is on the rise, the results of a new study hammer home what others have shown: that yoga in schools may be a great benefit to kids’ mental health. The new study, from Tulane University, randomized third-graders who had some degree of anxiety to receive either a...
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Viral Video: Carson Daly Opens Up About His Anxiety

Carson Daly shared his struggles with anxiety on Friday's "Today" show in an effort to help others. He says it's hard to deal with because, quote, "You feel like you're dying . . . [but] of course you're perfectly fine." Video of Carson Daly Opens Up About His Anxiety Disorder: ‘I Know I’m Going To...
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