The Most Annoying Things We Do In Ubers And Lyfts

A new survey asked Uber and Lyft drivers for the most annoying things their passengers do. Here are the top 10... 1. Eating food that stinks. 2. Smoking weed, or smelling like weed. 3. Arguing with the route. 4. Slamming the door. 5. Being rude. 6. Making female drivers uncomfortable. 7. Not being...
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The Most Annoying Tech Problems

Nothing makes us angrier than technology that won't work. And a recent poll found 15% of us have gotten so mad at a gadget, we DESTROYED it out of frustration. It also found that when you're trying to fix a tech issue, you can only go about 12 minutes before you get frustrated. Here are the ten...
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The Most Annoying People At The Gym

ere are five annoying types of people you see at every gym... 1. The extreme grunter. 2. The equipment hog. 3. The creep who stares at other people. 4. The clueless parent. 5. The narcissist. 6. The guy who sits on the equipment that you want to use who is on his CELL PHONE. (Maybe that's just my...
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The Most Annoying Things People Do When Texting

A new survey found the five most annoying things people do when they're texting. And they are: Vanishing in the middle of a conversation . . . being sarcastic . . . using bad grammar . . . using too many acronyms and emojis . . . and sending multiple messages when one would get the job done. Click...
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The Most Annoying Things Neighbors Do

2,500 people were asked to name the most annoying neighbor habits. And #1 is blasting your music too loudly. Here are the top ten... 1. Loud music. 2. Loud voices, specifically adults. 3. Loud parties. 4. Parking issues, like blocking your driveway. 5. Loud pets, like a dog that won't stop barking...
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The Most Annoying "Little Things" In Day-To-Day Life

A new survey asked people to name the most annoying "little things" that happen in their day-to-day lives. And here are the top 10... 1. People not listening to you. 2. People cutting in line. 3. Someone not saying please or thank you. 4. People who think the rules don't apply to them. 5. Spilling...
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3-Word Phrases That People Can't Stand

Are you capable of getting really annoyed in the space of three words? Apparently a whole lot of people are, because Twitter users flocked to the site on Thursday with several suggestions for #3WordsICannotStand. Below are 14 highlights; click on the link for many more: Starring Adam Sandler New...
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Phrases People Find Annoying

On Friday, several Twitter users shared their least favorite phrases. Here are some highlights: No disrespect, but... YOLO Relax, it's not a big deal Witch hunt Let me be totally honest It is what it is Everything happens for a reason ​What's yours?
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The Most Annoying Office Phrases

According to a new survey, 72% of us sometimes use annoying cliché phrases at work, even though we should know better. And here are the ones we say the most... 1. Give 110%. 2. Think outside the box. 3. Hammer it out. 4. Heavy lifting. 5. Throw you under the bus. 6. Don't count your chickens before...
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The Most Annoying Instagram Poses

A new survey found the eight poses people do in their Instagram photos that we hate to see the most... 1. Selfies, 34%. 2. A picture of your tan legs where they look like hot dogs, 22%. 3. Kissing, 17%. 4. A "candid" picture where you're not looking at the camera, 16%. 5. "Pinching" the sun or a...
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