George Clooney

Look: George Clooney's Essay On Racism In America

George Clooney wrote an essay for "The Daily Beast" about racism in America.
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Watch: CBS's "Haircut Night In America"

A new TV special will feature celebrities cutting their own hair.
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Coors Beer

Look: Coors Light's "America Could Use A Beer" Campaign

Coors Light has a new ad campaign that is giving away FREE beer.
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The States That Best Represent America

Which state best represents America as a whole?
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Girl Scout Cookies

America's Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

Here are America's FAVORITE Girl Scout COOKIES according to a new survey.
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The Most Expensive House In America

The "Most Expensive House in America" is a $500 MILLION mansion in L.A.
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homeless shelter

The Most And Least Caring Cities In America

WalletHub released its annual list of the MOST and LEAST caring cities in America. The most caring city is Virginia Beach, VA, while the least caring city is Birmingham, AL. St. Louis came in at 67 out of 100. Click Here to see more.
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The Most Handsome Cities In America

A website called just released a list of the MOST HANDSOME cities in the U.S. Their rankings are based on how much the average man spends on personal care products and shaving products, and the average fitness level in the city. And based on that, the handsomest city in the...
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Gateway Arch

Report Names St. Louis The 'Least Safe City' in America

(Y98) - Wallet Hub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the U.S. from the safest to least safe. The rankings are based on 41 factors, including terrorist attacks, mass shootings, murders, traffic deaths, natural disaster risk, identity theft and job security. And based on all of that, the safest...
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The Most Sinful Cities In America

The website WalletHub just ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from most sinful to least sinful. And they did it based on different stats that correspond to the seven deadly sins... 1. Lust: Strip clubs per capita, Tinder users, and porn searches on Google. 2. Gluttony: Obesity rate, fast...
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