Cards Against Humanity

Look: Cards Against Humanity's "Family Edition"

Cards Against Humanity has released a new FAMILY EDITION.
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LeBron James

LeBron James Becomes First NBA Player To Get Triple-Double Against Every Team

On Tuesday night, LeBron James got a triple-double against the Oklahoma City Thunder. That's when your points, rebounds, and assists are all in the double digits. He had 25 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. And with that, LeBron now has a triple-double against all 30 NBA teams... Making him the...
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Watch: Sign-Stealing Accusations Against Houston Astros

The sign-stealing accusations against the Houston Astros are picking up steam. There are videos that seem to show them cheating, and former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers has confirmed that they were doing it. This was happening in 2017 which was the year they won the World Series. Astros using cameras...
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College Warns Against Mom Looking For Dates For Here Son

The police at Towson University in Maryland are on the lookout for a woman who's been wandering around campus trying to find dates for her son. They say she won't be facing any charges, and they just want to tell her to stop. Click Here to see more.
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Watch: James McAvoy Warns Against Vacation Scammers

James McAvoy says he nearly got scammed out of $10,000 while trying to book a vacation online. Just avoided being scammed online. TRYING TO BOOK A HOLIDAY FOR MY FAMILY AT THE RITZ Carlton Abama hotel in Tenerife. The real website is DO NOT USE THIS ONE -- (www.ritzabamatenerife...
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Watch: Most Walnuts Cracked Against The Head

A guy in India set a Guinness World Record for cracking walnuts with his head. He cracked 217 in one minute. The previous record was 181. Video of Most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute - Guinness World Records
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Watch: Tyler Perry Warns Against Facebook Scammers

Tyler Perry made a video to warn people about Facebook scams using his name.
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Viral Video: "Stand Your Ground" Law Used Against Five-Year-Old

A guy is using Florida's "Stand Your Ground" Law against a FIVE-YEAR-OLD??!!
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