The Actresses Americans Want To Play Their Mom In A Movie

Since Mother's Day is Sunday, a survey asked 2,000 Americans which actress they'd like to play THEIR mother in a movie. And apparently, award nominations are important to a lot of people, because MERYL STREEP is #1. Here's the Top 10... 1. Meryl Streep 2. Sally Field 3. Julia Roberts 4. Jennifer...
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ellen degeneres

18 Iconic Roles That Almost Went To Different Stars 

Can you imagine how different things might have turned out if Gwen Stefani had accepted the role of Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs Smith , the movie that led to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's romance? She says she turned down the part so she could focus on music. Here are 10 other iconic roles that...
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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Never Thought She'd ''Make It'' As An Actress

Lady Gaga has opened up about why she never thought she'd achieve her childhood dream of being an actress. "I couldn't make it as an actress, I was bad at auditioning," she tells E! News . "I never got a job." She goes on to say that her A Star Is Born director and co-star Bradley Cooper helped her...
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Madonna's Love Letter To "Justify My Love" Actress

Remember when Madonna made out with a woman in her "Justify My Love" video? That woman's name was AMANDA CAZALET, and apparently, she left a lasting impression. Because in 1991, a year after the video came out, Madonna sent Amanda a LOVE NOTE. It surfaced over the weekend because it's hitting the...
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Look: "Jurassic Park" Child Actress Now A Grown Up

Here's what Ariana Richards, who starred as a child as Lex Murphy in the ORIGINAL "Jurassic Park", looks like TODAY (along with her THEN co-star Jeff Goldblum)... Oh Jeff @JeffGoldblum, what a spectacular moment it was to see you at the Premiere after a quarter of a century!! It just melted my...
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