The Best Activities For Reducing Stress

AA new survey asked people to rank 15 different activities to relieve stress from best to worst. And here are the results... 1. Making love. 2. Sleeping. 3. Listening to music. 4. Taking a hot shower or bath. 5. Getting a massage. 6. Walking. 7. Meditating. 8. Playing with animals. 9. Stretching...
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The Fall Activities We Look Forward To Most

A new survey put a bunch of fall activities head-to-head and had people vote on which one they're looking forward to more. And here are the results... 1. Sweaters or blankets? 51% said sweaters. 2. Pumpkin picking or apple picking? 62% went pumpkin. 3. Haunted houses or scary movies? 57% picked...
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