strawberry moon

Things To Know About Tonight's "Strawberry Moon"

Some things to know about tonight's STRAWBERRY MOON include...
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talking to kids

How To Talk To Kids About Racism, Protests And Injustice

According to experts, some good ways to talk to your kids about racism, protests and injustice include...
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child leash

Strong Opinions On Random Stuff

Here are some of the strong opinions people have on random things, according to a new survey.
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brain love

Interesting Things About Men's Brains When They Are In Love

Here's what happens to men's BRAINS when they fall in love...
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Great Movies About Pandemics

Here are some movies to enjoy as we prepare for a CORONOVIRUS PANDEMIC.
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office work

Things You Should Know About Work Before You Turn 30

If you want to climb the ladder at work, here are four things you should be able to do by the time you hit 30, according to experts... 1. Know how to run a meeting. That means not letting it run long, and not letting people go on too many tangents. Have an agenda, be clear about goals, and redirect...
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winter stuff

The Most Annoying Things About Winter

Here are the most ANNOYING things about winter, according to a recent survey of 2,000 people... 1. The days are too short. (The good news is Saturday is the shortest day of the year. So they'll start getting longer now.) 2. Higher heating bills. 3. Less sunshine because there are more clouds. 4...
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Songs You Didn't Know Were About Celebrities

Buzzfeed.com has a list of songs that are about celebrities, and some of them might come as a surprise to you. Here are 10 highlights... 1. "Fix You" by Coldplay . . . It was written by Chris Martin for his then-wife Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. 2. "California Gurls" by Katy Perry . . ...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Owner Stats

National Cat Day was last week, and we saw a poll about cat owners. Now here are eight stats from a recent survey of 1,000 dog owners... 1. 92% of dog owners say their dog is like part of the family. That's compared to 84% of cat owners who said the same about their cat. 2. 73% let their dog up on...
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What Married Couples Fight About

A relationship app called Lasting surveyed 75,000 married couples and found the top five things couples fight about... 1. Chores. Experts say the best way to avoid that one is to just split them up 50/50. Or as close to it as possible. 2. The definition of "clean." Men and women don't always agree...
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