Kid Calls 911 For Happy Meal

A five-year-old kid in Arizona called 911 last week and asked for a Happy Meal, and it worked. A cop showed up at his house to do a welfare check, just in case something was wrong. And he actually DID bring him a Happy Meal. Click Here to see more.
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Look: Plane Crash Halloween Decorations Prompt 911 Call

A guy in Ohio named Delbert Holsinger made it look like a plane had crashed in his front yard for Halloween, with fake skeletons in the cockpit. And it looked real enough that at least one person called 911. (ABC6OnYourSide.com) Click Here to see more.
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Someone In North Dakota Called 911 Over Early Halloween Decorations

People are starting to put up their Halloween decorations, and you know what that means, people confusing them for actual murder scenes and calling the cops. Here's the first one of the season... A woman named Becky Muhs in West Fargo, North Dakota put up her first Halloween decoration last weekend...
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Watch: 911 Dispatcher Helps Kid With Homework

A 10-year-old kid in Colorado called 911 a few days ago because he needed help with some long division on his math homework. And the dispatcher actually helped him figure it out.
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Meghan Edmonds

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds' Toddler Accidentally Calls 911

Jim Edmonds revealed on his Instagram Story that daughter Aspen, his 19-month-old with wife Meghan King Edmonds, accidentally dialed 911. "Police at the door at 7:30," Jim wrote alongside a pic of Aspen holding a smartphone. "How is it possible for her to hit these numbers perfectly???" He also...
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