Look: Maury Povich Turns 80

Maury Povich just turned 80 last month. And it looks like his loved ones had some fun with that. We should all look so good at 80! Happy Birthday Maury! #80isthenew60 ------ A post shared by Paul Faulhaber (@paulfaulhaber) on Feb 12, 2019 at 7:44am PST
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Actors Over 80 Who Are Still "Killing It"

The Wrap.com has a list of "12 Actors Over 80 Still Killing It". The list includes... Robert Redford Morgan Freeman Jack Nicholson Ed Asner George Takei Burt Reynolds Alan Alda Donald Sutherland James Earl Jones Michael Caine Clint Eastwood Christopher Plummer Click Here to see more.
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