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The Most Watched Network Shows Of The 2019-2020 Season

The most watched NETWORK shows of the 2019-2020 season include...
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Netflix's "Most Popular" Of 2019

Netflix doesn't release a lot of specific ratings numbers, but they've put out several lists of their most popular releases last year... The Top 10 Most Popular Movie Releases of 2019: 1. "Murder Mystery" 2. The Ryan Reynolds action thriller "6 Underground" 3. "The Incredibles 2" 4. "The Irishman"...
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Watch: YouTube's Highest-Paid Star Of 2019

He's the highest-paid star on YouTube, and his name is RYAN KAJI. He's 8 years old, and his "Ryan's World" channel raked in $26 MILLION over the past year. He was also #1 last year, with $22 million. Ryan's channel launched five years ago, and used to consist mainly of him unboxing toys. Now he's...
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Pollstar's Artist Of The Year

PINK has been named Artist of the Year by Pollstar. Click Here to see more.
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Say That Again! The Most Mispronounced Words of 2019

A nuclear disaster, a presidential candidate and an outspoken teenager were just a few of the hardest words to pronounce in America this year. Language learning app Babbel came up with the list of frequently butchered terms by working with the US Captioning Company, which subtitles all real-time...
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Google's "Most Searched" Of 2019

Google just relased it's annual "Most Searched" list for the year... The most searched NEWS STORIES were... 1. Hurricane Dorian. 2. The Notre Dame Cathedral fire that happened back in April. 3. The Women's World Cup. The U.S. won it for the second time in a row, and fourth time overall. 4. The Area...
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The Most Mispronounced Words Of The Year

The language app Babbel released its list of the 10 most mispronounced words of 2019... Here they are, along with the correct pronunciation: 1. Chernobyl . . . (chair-nOHble) The 1986 nuclear disaster at the Ukrainian Chernobyl reactor, which became the subject of an HBO limited series. 2. Greta...
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Twitter's "Most Tweeted Of 2019"

Twitter released its year-end data yesterday. And this year, instead of ranking how many Tweets things got, they ranked how many DIFFERENT PEOPLE were Tweeting about them. Here are the Top 5 in various categories: Top TV Shows: • "Game of Thrones" • "Stranger Things" • "The Simpsons" • "La Casa de...
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Tinder's "Year In Swipe"

Tinder just released their "Year in Swipe" where they studied the data from their users' profiles to find out what was popular in 2019. And they found the FACEPALM is the hottest emoji on their app. It showed up in 41% more Tinder bios this year than it did in 2018. They also found the 10 words...
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Pet Names

The Most Popular Pet Names For 2019

Rover.com just released the results of its study into the most popular dog and cat names of 2019. And here's what they found . . . Female dogs: Bella . . . Luna . . . Lucy . . . Daisy . . . Lily. Male dogs: Max . . . Charlie . . . Cooper . . . Buddy . . . Rocky. Female cats: Luna . . . Bella . . ...
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