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Y98's morning show featuring Courtney Landrum, Jen Myers, Kevin "The Intern"
and Lance Hildebrand

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Courtney & Company 5-22 Part 2

Tuesday, May 22nd
We did Missed Connections, talked about the Royal Wedding, let you know about the new scratch-n-sniff stamps, Kevin let you know about his first kiss, we did...

Courtney & Company 5-22 Part 1

Tuesday, May 22nd
We welcomed Courtney back, we welcomed Jen back, did Food Stuffs, talked landmarks, did Entertainmetn Schmig, got quizzed on some older celebrities, and Jen...

Courtney & Company 5-21 Part 2

Monday, May 21st
We told you about the words that were "born" as the same year as you, did some Sports Chatter, Food Stuffs, Entertainment Schmig 2, and Millenial Monday.

Courtney & Company 5-21 Part 1

Monday, May 21st
We talked about the fact that it's a "man show" since Courtney and Jen are off, let you know about "Uncorked!", gave you our thoughts on the Royal Wedding,...

Courtney & Company 5-17 Part 2

Thursday, May 17th
We learned about your embarrassing injuries, told you about our senior pics, let you in on the zodiac signs of serial killers, did Who On The Show,...

Courtney & Company 5-17 Part 1

Thursday, May 17th
We told you about who's NOT hear this morning, wondered if you would choose your pet over your spouse, let you know how the whole "laurel" or "yanny" things...