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Courtney & Company 5-25 Part 2

Friday, May 25th
We talked about made-up baby names, played Schmig Schmackdown, told you some good school news, read a very funny text and a very funny headline, let you know...

Courtney & Company 5-25 Part 1

Friday, May 25th
We talked about how we are SO ready for the weekend, let you know about our Courtney & Company Night at the Ballpark, shared some moments of pure joy, Jen...

Courtney & Company 5-24 Part 2

Thursday, May 24th
We shared a sleep study, played 3 in a Row, talked about the new "Can Kevin", Jen let you know about her crying week, we did Who On The Show, Entertainment...

Courtney & Company 5-24 Part 1

Thursday, May 24th
We told you why you get upset when animals die in movies, Jen shared her thoughts on pre-k garduations, Courtney shared her curiousity for her neighbors, we...

Courtney & Company 5-23 Part 2

Wednesday, May 23rd
We talked about Amazon cutting off certain returners, did Things You Didn't Know, talked about Uncorked!, found out about what you learned how to do from...

Courtney & Company 5-23 Part 1

Wednesday, May 23rd
We talked about a recent "hate mail" letter, Jen let us know about her flat tire, we let you know how phones are draining our brain power, Kevin and Tim took a...