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Y98's morning show featuring Courtney Landrum, Jen Myers, Kevin "The Intern"
and Lance Hildebrand

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Courtney & Company 3-22 Part 2

Thursday, March 22nd
We took your calls about the weird places you met your significant other, asked you if you like using a fork or a spoon, Tim gave some realtionship advice that...

Courtney & Company 3-22 Part 1

Thursday, March 22nd
We talked about proper work attire, taking a "phoneless" vacation, Food Stuffs, did Entertainment Schmig, told you about a very funny 911 call, and shared the...

Courtney & Company 3-21 Part 2

Wednesday, March 21st
Comedian Greg Warren returns, we talked about waht you shoud NOT wear when dating, Tim and Greg talked about playing laser-tag, they also played the Alphabet...

Courtney & Company 3-21 Part 1

Wednesday, March 21st
We talked about our yesterdays, asked if you would pay to use the restroom, shared a nice email about the show, wondered what TV cast would best represent the...

Courtney & Company 3-20 Part 2

Tuesday, March 20th
We did Missed Connections, talked about some local meat thieves, told you some happenings in the area, corrected our mistakes, discussed beauty fails, did...

Courtney & Company 3-20 Part 1

Tuesday, March 20th
We revisited yesterday's IQ Test, talked about certain oils creating breasts in MEN, Kevin talked about his son's tooth fairy note, Tim gave you some food...