The Women Behind #MOMTRUTHS, Cat & Nat!!!

Tuesday, October 29th

Get ready to laugh (and maybe pee your pants a little bit) during this week’s episode of Two Kids and A Career, as Cat & Nat are Jill Devine's guests.  Jill loves their mission “… to bring laughter and a sense of community to women and moms.”

Cat & Nat know a thing or two about motherhood; between the two of them, they have seven kids.  They’ve experienced the loneliness of motherhood and unrealistic portrayals of motherhood, so they decided to do something about it … insert #MOMTRUTHS here.  #MOMTRUTHS bring humor to topics that some moms are afraid to talk about and some of those topics are discussed in this week’s episode.

Cat & Nat and Jill also talked about the #MOMTRUTHS Live tour, which Cat & Nat are bringing to the River City Casino on Friday, November 8th.  You deserve a night out where you can laugh alongside other moms.  PLUS, there are professional male dancers!