This Mom, Along With So Many Other Moms, Needs To Cut Herself Some Slack

Tuesday, November 26th

The biggest compliment Jill Devine can receive about this podcast is hearing about women talking to other women about how much they love this podcast and how much they can relate to it. 

This week’s guest is one of “those” women.  Arlene Browne is friends with Rachel Sauter (a guest in Season 1, Episode 9).  Rachel told Jill how much Arlene loved the podcast and she would be a perfect guest to have on.  She explained that Arlene is a business owner, a mom to two kiddos, and so much more.

This episode served as a therapy session for Arlene.  She was able to let some things off her chest and Jill was able to reinforce how good of a mom she is.  Chances are you will nod in agreement when you listen to this episode.