Paul Cook

Mon-Fri: 2PM

I'm Paul Cook. So what's the deal with me? That's the topic of this little entry here.

Well, my "deal" is all about having fun and finding a way to feel good and healthy about this moment we are sharing together. That's what I think about before I go on the radio each day. I'm totally obsessed with discovering and proving original ways for us to feel alive.

These are crazy times with jammed schedules, super lofty parental expectations and tight checking accounts. It can be so chaotic running around the city trying to assemble your day. That's where I come in - I'm over on Y98, dealing! That's my deal. Just let Lance & I and the Y98 tunes release some of that pressure.

So, now that we got that straight, I want to tell you a bit about me. I'm a STL boy through and through. Lindbergh High School Class of 1990!

It's truly a great honor to be on the air in this very special city. It's a dream come true. I've lived all over working on the radio: Los Angeles, the Chicago area, and middle Missourah :)

This last year has been surreal in a not good way, but things are looking up. Early this year I'll be all finished with my treatments for colorectal cancer. Crappy deal right? But because of this, I've seen such beautiful things from our wonderful city. Thousands of St. Louisans have shown me such generosity and kindness, lifting me and my family up just when we needed it. 

I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to try and return that incredible kindness. 

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