Lance Hildebrand

Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography

Lance Hildebrand

The year 2018 marks Lance Hildebrand's 40th year on the radio, all of them spent in the Gateway City. The St. Louis native and his traffic reports can be heard weekday mornings and afternoons on Y98-FM. But those aren't the only places you can hear him. Hildebrand is the station voice for numerous other radio and TV stations through the Midwest and Northeast, and he's just added station voice duties for Radio Dublin on the Emerald Isle.

Lance keeps himself very busy, recording an average of 4,000 scripts per year for clients from Quebec to Honolulu, Seattle to the Bahamas. That volume of work has resulted in several awards, including a fair share for his writing skills. Plus, listen closely inside Wal-Mart and Sam's stores coast-to-coast, and you can hear Lance's voice, doing some of the announcements overhead.

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