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Jill Devine

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Jill Devine is a St. Louis native. She is a graduate of Francis Howell High School and Lindenwood University. Jill has been part of St. Louis radio since 1998. Jill currently resides in St. Peters, Missouri with her husband (Brian) and daughters (Lu and Charli). Friendship and family are super important to Jill.

Check out all the latest episodes of Jill's podcast, "Two Kids and A Career" where she has tough and real conversations with career-focused women trying to balance motherhood and life ... and sooo much more. 

4 Questions With Jill:

Q: Who's your favorite Y98 artist?

A: My Hollywood Boyfriend Justin Timberlake!


Q: What's your favorite kind of food?

A: Mexican and Italian! I could eat chips and salsa every single day. Living in the St. Louis area where we have The Hill - some of the best Italian food in the country - how can you not like Italian food?!?


Q: What's the top spot on your bucket list?

A: Italy! I've never been and, I already expressed my love for Italian food, but the scenery and the history is amazing and I have to experience that sometime in my life!


Q: First concert?

A: I saw Debbie Gibson at the Old Arena. My mom took me and two friends. We had third row seats and it was amazing! I absolutely idolized her and I actually got to meet her later in life through working in radio. I was a little scarred when she posed for Playboy.


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