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Border Collie with toy

WATCH: 'Genius Dog Challenge'

WATCH: 'Genius Dog Challenge'
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Happy Black Dog Day

Celebrate National Black Dog Day

Happy National Black Dog Day
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Adoptable Rottie Nana needs forever home

Adoptable Rottie "Nana" needs a forever home from CARE STL

Adoptable rottweiler shelter dog named "Nana" needs a forever home!
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Sleeping Beauty

Watch: Sleeping Beauty Proposal

There are tons of elaborate marriage proposals on the Internet, but this one really stands out. Some guy had an illustrator draw himself and his girlfriend into the kissing scene of "Sleeping Beauty", and he arranged to have it shown in a theater. He even snuck friends and family into the theater...
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Dog and Cat

October Is National Pet Wellness Month: Change Of Season Encourages Routine Vet Visit

As temperatures begin to drop and leaves change colors, the change of season serves as a good reminder for pet parents to pay a visit to the veterinarian for their annual check-up before the year comes to a close. October is National Pet Wellness Month, so set aside time now to evaluate your pet’s...
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Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan's Dogs Fly In Private Planes

If you're going to call yourself "The Dog Whisperer" , you'd better live up to it and Cesar Millan does just that. His own dogs are living the life. For one thing, they don't sit in the baggage compartment on commercial flights. He says, quote, "I love private planes for dogs. I fly with all of...
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Dog on Treadmill

A Team Of Dogs Is “Riding” To Help Find A Cure For Cancer

Since 2011 Kennelwood Pet Resorts has been a proud supporter of Pedal the Cause and has raised over $100,000.00 for the cause. This year’s fundraising efforts have gone to the dogs! Team Kennelwood is being represented by all K9s this year. With a goal of raising $16,000.00 towards helping to find...
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Animal Rescue Group Asks For Old Bras To Help Heal Turtles With Broken Shells

Donate a bra, save a turtle! An animal-welfare nonprofit in North Carolina is asking for donations of used bras because the undergarments' metal clasps can be used to help heal turtles' broken shells. “It acts like a little fixator,” Keenan Freitas of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue says about the tiny...
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Dog and Firework

Humane Society of Missouri shares Fourth of July pet safety tips.

Independence Day celebrations would not be the same without the scorching sun and fireworks lighting up the night sky. For pets, however, heat and sudden loud noises can be more harmful and frightening than fun. The Humane Society of Missouri encourages pet parents to keep their furry friends’...
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Sick Dog

A Quarter Of Pet Owners Have Lied To Their Boss About A Sick Pet

When you call in sick or show up late too many times, you can't keep using the same excuse. A new survey found just under a quarter of pet owners have lied to their boss about a sick pet before. Sometimes it's to get out of work and sometimes there really is something wrong, but we worry our boss...
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