Viral Videos

Tom Hanks

Watch: Tom Hanks Becomes Oakland's Virtual Hot Dog Vendor

The Oakland A's got Tom Hanks to record some amusing audio as a stadium vendor, and they're mixing it into the fake crowd noise for their home games.
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Carole Baskin

Watch: "Tiger King" Stars Carole And Howard Baskin Rap Birthday Greeting

Watch as Carole Baskin and her husband Howard RAP a birthday greeting to 50 Cent's "In Da Club".
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Howie Mandel

Watch: Howie Mandel Assures Fans That He Was NOT Kidnapped

Howie Mandel had to make a video assuring his fans that he has NOT been kidnapped.
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Mike Tyson

Watch: Mike Tyson To Fight Shark For "Shark Week"

Mike Tyson is going to be a part of "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel this year by...
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Watch: Burger King's "Cows Menu" Commercial

Burger King has a new commercial out that tells about why their cows eat DIFFERENT grass.
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Billy Joel

Watch: Billy Joel Playing A Street Piano

Billy Joel found an old piano on the street, so he played it.
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Bruce Smith

Watch: Bruce Smith's "Family Feud" Answer Goes Viral

NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Smith's hilarious FAMILY FEUD answer goes viral.
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roller coaster

Watch: How To Not Scream On A Roller Coaster

To stop the sread of the coronavirus at amusement parks, people are being asked to NOT SCREAM while rriding the roller coasters??!!
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Watch: Today's Hand Gesture For "On The Phone"

Kids today make a different hand gesture to pretend they're on the phone.
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Will Ferrell

Listen: Will Ferrell's Hit Song

Will Ferrel's "Husavik", from his new Netflix movie "Eurovison Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga", just debuted at #16 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart.
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