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smart mask

Watch: The "Smart Mask"

Japanese scientists have created a speech-translating "smart mask" so people can understand what you are saying under your mask.
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Jason and Lisa

Watch: Jason Momoa Surprises His Wife With Restored Mustang

Jason Momoa surprised his wife, Lisa Bonet, by restoring her FIRST car!
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Watch: Principal's "U Can't Touch This" COVID Parody

Check out a principal's "U Can't Touch This" parody for the COVID-19 school year.
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Katie Ledecky

Watch: Katie Ledecky Swims With Glass Of Chocolate Milk On Her Head

Katie Ledecky just swam the entire length of a pool while balancing a glass of milk on her head!
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groom bride

Watch: Groom's Mom Goes Off At Wedding

A groom's mom went OFF on teh bride at a recent wedding.
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Drew Barrymore

Watch: Drew Barrymore Interviews Her 7-Year-Old Self

Drew Barrymore interviewed the younger version of HERSELF to promote her upcoming talk show.
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Watch: Guess The Song Based On The Knock

Guess the song based on a drummer's door knock.
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Watch: Yankees Cleared Of Sign-Stealing Video

The Yankees were CLEARED by MLB for allegedly stealing signs in a new video that surfaced on social media.
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Watch: The Most Jenga Blocks Stacked On One Piece

Check out the Guinness World Record for the most Jenga blocks stacked on ONE piece.
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Bill Murray

Watch: Bill Murray Sings "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

Enjoy Bill Murray's rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" for his Chicago Cubs this season.
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