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Watch: The Most Followed Duck On Instagram

Check out the most followed DUCK on Instagram.
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long legs

Watch: The World's Longest Legs

The world's LONGEST LEGS belong to a teen in Texas.
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Jane Fonda

Watch: Celebs Join Jane Fonda For 'Exercise That Vote' Video

Jane Fonda leading a bunch of celebs through a video urging you to "Exercise that Vote".
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Ryan Reynolds

Watch: Netflix's 'Free Guy' Official Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer for Netflix's "Free Guy" starring Ryan Reynolds.
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Paul Rudd

Watch: Paul Rudd Calls Out Robert Downey Jr. In Fantasy Football League Video

Paul Rudd tells Robert Downey Jr. that he's "going to lose to an ANT" in this hilarious fantasy football video.
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Watch: 'Will You Marry Me?' Cake Prank During First Date

A guy pranks his friend by sending a "Will You Marry Me?" cake to his friend's table on a first date.
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Jim Carrey

Watch: SNL Transforms Jim Carrey Into Joe Biden

Jim Carrey will play JOE BIDEN on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.
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Biden Trump

Watch: 'We're All Doomed' - Weird Al's Take On The Presidential Debate

Weird Al Yankovic has a new SONG and VIDEO that gives his take on Tuesday night's presidential debate.
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Masked Singer

Watch: 'Mask Singer' Contestant Self-Elimination

On "The Masked Singer" last night, the Gremlin self-eliminated.
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Watch: Woman With 'HMBRGLR' License Plate Goes Through McDonald's Drive-Thru

A woman in a McDonald's drive-thru with a "HMBRGLR" license plate goes viral.
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