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pumpkin box

Watch: Amazon Boxes To Feature 'Augmented Reality Pumpkins' That 'Come Alive'

Amazon's boxes will feature augmented reality pumpkins this season.
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Masked Singer

Watch: 'The Masked Singer' Baby Alien Revealed

"The Masked Singer" revealed WHO was under the BABY ALIEN mask last night.
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Sour Patch Kids

Watch: Sour Patch Kids Wants To Bring 'Reverse Trick-Or-Treating' To Your Town

The makers of Sour Patch Kids have a new REVERSE TRICK-OR-TREATING contest that wants to give your town CANDY for Halloween.
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Listen: Elvira's 'Don't Cancel Halloween' Song

Elvira, the MISTRESS OF THE DARK, just released a new song called "Don't Cancel Halloween".
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Watch: LeBron James Gifts Daughter Amazing Playhouse For Her 6th Birthday

Check out the AMAZING playhouse that Lebron James' daughter Zhuri got for her 6th birthday.
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Watch: The Amount Of Toothpaste You Really Should Use

A dentist is going viral on TikTok after he showed how much toothpaste we should really be using.
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tortilla chips

Watch: Chipotle's Tortilla Chip Recipe

Chipotle's recipe for their TORTILLA CHIPS includes...
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Wayne Knight

Watch: 'Seinfeld's' Newman Calls Out The Governement For Slowing Down The Mail

Newman from "Seinfeld" stars in a political ad about the post office.
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pizza cutter

Watch: Pizza Hut Employee Chases Robbers Away With Pizza Cutter

A Pizza Hut employee chased robbers away with just a PIZZA CUTTER??!!
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Watch: Celebrities Get Naked To Get You To Vote

Tons of celebrities get NAKED to coax your vote??!!
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