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Surprise "Raz Band" Wakes Up Paul's Street!

The Red and Black Raz Band Lifts Spirits During Tough Times Down Y98 Personality's Street
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Make A Hobby Bucket List

So what are you doing with the extra time at home? Some folks are passing the time and others are learning a new skill to pass the time so they are better off when this all ends. Here’s some ideas from the good ol reminders to a bit out of space.
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Noah Cyrus Talks To Paul About Mental Illness and Body Image

Noah Cyrus Talks To Paul About Mental Illness and Body Image, And About Being Miley's Little Sister (But Don't Ask Her)
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I Think I Have The HSP Trait!

I was so surprised to learn "Highly Sensitive Personality" is a trait not a "condition" or a negative.
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Bad Roommate Show

Woman Stabs Roommate Over Her Drinking Problem During Quarantine

Woman Stabs Roommate Over Her Drinking Problem During Quarantine
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Celebs Flock To Plastic Surgeons During Covid-19

Are St. Louis celebrities getting work done during Covid-19 like in Beveryly Hills?
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3% Of People Are Still Eating Thanksgiving Leftovers

Did you pack a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich for lunch today? If so, you're part of the small group of people who say, "Food-borne illnesses? Never heard of 'em. I'm eating ALL my Thanksgiving leftovers." According to a new survey, 3% of people are still eating their Thanksgiving...
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What's The Dirtiest Thing On Disney+? 

What kind of maniac scours Disney+ to find the dirtiest content possible? Someone did (someone with a lot of time on their hands). A website called The Ringer recruited the infamous Mr. Skin to dive deep into Disney+, and these are the two most risqué things he found: Femi Taylor as Oola in "Star...
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Laila Anderson Is Meeting The Person Who Saved Her Life This Week

11-year-old Laila Anderson has become nationally known as the good luck charm for the St. Louis Blues, leading them to a Stanley Cup victory in 2019. After spending the last two years fighting a rare immune disorder and waiting for a life-saving donor, she defeated her disease and is making a...
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Do You Listen To Music While You Clean?

Did you put music on while you cleaned up after Thanksgiving? A recent survey found 80% of us listen to music while we clean and the kitchen is the top place we really need it. Here are five quick stats on our musical cleaning habits: 1. 85% of parents listen to music while they clean . . . maybe...
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