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Alex Pietroangelo

Alex Pietrangelo's All-Star Guide To St. Louis

Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo wrote an article for about STL for the all star game!
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Watch: More Super Bowl Food Commercials' Teasers

Here are MORE teasers for several upcoming Video of Whassup Again Super Bowl commercials that you will see next Sunday...
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Jennifer Lopez

Watch: Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Prepare For Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are already getting ready for their Super Bowl Halftime Show.
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plane vent

Watch: Plane Passenger Dries Out Shoes With Overhead Vent

A passenger on a plane dried out his shoes using the overhead vent.
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stressed commute

A Stressful Commute

One-third of people have such tough commutes that they're STRESSED OUT before they even get to work.
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Sleeping Position

Look: Your Sleeping Position

A chart has gone viral because it shows the 18 DIFFERENT sleeping positions.
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Chinese Good Luck

The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check For 2020

Writing the Chinese Law of Abundance Check should bring you GOOD LUCK this year.
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"Joker" Accused Of Stealing "Seinfeld" Plotline

Somebody online just pointed out that the plot of "Joker" is a lot like the character arc of Crazy Joe Davola on "Seinfeld".
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Philadelphia Flyers' Mascot Gritty Under Investigation For Misconduct

The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot GRITTY is under investigation for allegedly punching a child.
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Make Up

Look: Hershey's Inspired Makeup Line

There's a new makeup line that's inspired by Hershey's chocolates.
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