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Watch: Brewery Wants You As "Chief Hiking Officer"

A brewery is paying $20,000 for someone to become their "Chief Hiking Officer".
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Watch: Teddy Bears Ride Rollercoaster

A video has been making the rounds of 22 oversize teddy bears taking a rollercoaster ride.
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Domino's Pizza Reheating Hack

Domino's in Australia just shared a "hack" for reheating pizza in the microwave so it doesn't become soggy.
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Look: #TheShowMustBePaused

The music industry is "BLACKING OUT" today in response to the deep racial unrest.
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Watch: "Star Wars" Stormtroopers Enforce Social Distancing At Disney World

"Star Wars" stormtroopers are enforcing SOCIAL DISTANCING at Disney World.
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toddler cooking

Look: Dad's Honest Review Of Toddler Daughter's "Restaurant"

A dad's hilariously honest review of his toddler daughter's "restaurant" has gone viral.
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The Least-Sharable Things

A survey asked people to name the least-sharable things in life.
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George Clooney

Look: George Clooney's Essay On Racism In America

George Clooney wrote an essay for "The Daily Beast" about racism in America.
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Look: Man Tries To Reheat Pizza With Airplane Light

A passenger on a plane REHEATED his pizza using the overhead light.
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mini skirt

The Most Iconic Fashion Item

The most iconic FASHION item is...
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