Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Gives Birth

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed a baby girl on Thursday. As of last night, there was no word on a name. Kylie said she kept her pregnancy a secret because, quote, "I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how." Click Here to...
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USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter 2018

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial yesterday? Well, USA Today has ALL of them RANKED. Click Here to see what ads were America's favorites.
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Baby Lu

6 Things Maternity Leave Definitely Isn’t

I’ve been back at work for about a month now and I’m slowly getting the hang of my new routine now that I have a baby. I actually still can’t believe I’m a mom! At times, I will look into Lu’s eyes and I will tell myself, “She’s yours! You and Brian created this beautiful baby girl!” It’s surreal...
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Tan-Tar-A Resort at Lake of the Ozarks Sold

I think it's safe to say anyone who's from St. Louis or has grown up in St. Louis is familiar with Lake of the Ozarks AND has probably visited at least once. Growing up, our summer vacations were spent at Lake of the Ozarks. I have lots of fond memories from my childhood and also my adulthood, as I...
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Four Tricks That Will Help You Clean Even When You Don't Want To

I don't know about you, but I don't like clean and it's not high on my to-do list. If you're like me, you may need some help getting motivated. Here are four tips to help you get motivated to clean, even when you don't want to: *Break it down into smaller tasks. The idea of cleaning your whole...
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George Clooney & Amal

Viral Video: The Moment George Clooney Met Amal

George Clooney’s agent actually predicted George would marry Amal Alamuddin BEFORE George even met her! Before George Clooney even met his wife Amal, his agent met her. And he predicted that she and George would get married. The first time they met, George says they stayed up all night talking...
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Hidden Gems in St. Louis

Five Hidden Gems In St. Louis You Must See

Video of Five Hidden Gems In St. Louis You Must See Over the holidays, I noticed A LOT of engagement announcements on social media and if I haven’t said it already, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m definitely not a wedding planner, but I recently learned of some cool spots that could be considered “hidden gems...
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Video: An Update On The Debate Of A Bait Dog

Last year, Even Chance St. Louis gave me information for a blog that could be controversial. It was about the debate of a bait dog and it continues to be a blog that gets lots of "clicks". I wanted to talk to Jessi, President of Even Chance St. Louis, about any new updates about this hot topic and...
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St. Louis Blues Jake Allen & Jill Devine

Video: Meet Marvin, Jake Allen’s GPG Rescue Dog

Video of Meet Marvin, Jake Allen's GPG Rescue By now, you probably know how charitable the St. Louis Blues organization is. They do so much for so many organizations in the local area. Recently, I learned of Jake Allen's involvement with Gateway Pet Guardians: “[Shelters are] doing so much...
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bulldogs photoshoot

Video: Behind The Scenes With PUPPIES!

Video of Behind the Scenes: Puppy Photoshoot! Apple's professional photo shoot was with Lynn Terry Photography and when I was there for the photo shoot, I knew I had to capture Lynn in her "element" because it takes a very special (and patient) person to photograph animals. Lynn agreed to let me...
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