Fifty Shades of Grey Freed

The Quick and Dirty of Fifty Shades: Freed…Yes Pun Intended

Now I’m no movie reviewer, but let’s say I enjoy going to the movies and well why not start off critiquing my first movie that is borderline soft porn… sounds like a hard job, but someone has to do it. Enough about jobs… will get to more of those later. These are my real thoughts while watching the...
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Send A Real Puppy To Your Loved One On Valentine’s Day!

“Puppy Grams” are the brand new way to say “I Love You” this year thanks to local animal rescue group, Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG)! For a $100 donation GPG delivers flowers along with puppy snuggles to your Valentine! Each puppy stays at the destination about 10-15 minutes, just enough time for...
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Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Rides A Pony

You don't see this everyday... A DOG riding a HORSE! Video of Dog riding pony.
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Viral Video: "I Fell Pretty" Movie Trailer

Amy Schumer unveiled the trailer for her new movie "I Feel Pretty" on "Ellen" yesterday. Video of Amy Schumer Debuts Her New Film ‘I Feel Pretty’
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Viral Video: Kid Gets Trapped In Claw Machine

There's video of a boy in Florida who got trapped inside a claw machine. He climbed in through the dispenser slot because he wanted a stuffed animal . . . but he couldn't get back out. Firefighters were called in to rescue him.
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Viral Video: Hairy Ride On Mechanical Bull

A woman was riding a mechanical bull at a Super Bowl party in Los Angeles on Sunday. And all was well until the bull kicked it up a notch, and her wig came flying off. Video of Hairy Ride on a Mechanical Bull || ViralHog
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Viral Video: Rat On An Escalator

Pizza rat was cute, but escalator rat? Not so much. At least not to some people in the Philippines who lost their minds when they encountered a rat on a stalled escalator. In their defense, it did seem to lunge at a couple of them before scurrying away. Video of Rats on Escalator || ViralHog
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Viral Video: Marvel Studios Tenth Anniversary

Stan Lee and a boatload of Marvel superhero movie stars gathered for an epic photo shoot for the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Video of Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Announcement – Class Photo Video And speaking of Marvel, here's the NEW "Venom" movie teaser trailer starring...
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Photo: Bad Sketch Still Gets Criminal Caught

A guy in Pennsylvania stole some cash from a farmer's market last week, and a witness drew a hilariously bad sketch of him. BUT apparently it was good enough for a detective to identify him, and now the cops are tracking him down on a theft charge. (PennLive.com) Click Here to see more.
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Viral Video: Pop It Pal

Popping a pimple is really gross, but at the same time, it's super satisfying, right? So maybe THIS is the new stress ball... Video of Pimple popping satisfaction
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