Andy Richter

Andy Richter's Parenting Tweets Are Hilarious 

Andy Richter and his wife have a 17-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter and over the years, he's shared some amusing anecdotes about parenting on Twitter. The Huffington Post spent time digging through all his Tweets to recover the best ones. Here are a few highlights: Pretty sure that my...
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French Fries

Tiny Things That Make People Happy, Even on the Worst Days

I'm a fan of the "little things" in life. It's crazy how those "little things" can really change your bad day into a good day! From Buzzfeed, here are some "little things" that make people happy: *When you see something really silly and look around and make eye contact with someone else who saw it...
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Two Dogs

Video: Let Your Pup Enjoy A Cage-Free Boarding Experience

Have you avoided vacation because you knew you would have to board your dog and the thought of your sweet furry loved one in a cage, while you were on vacation, broke your heart? What if I told you there was a place you could board your dog and they would have their own bed, not inside a cage? AND...
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Taylor Swift's Cat Is Ready to Go on Tour 

Taylor Swift made a rare appearance on social media on Monday--as did one of her cats. She shared a hilarious photo of cat, Olivia Benson, stretching her leg upward while staring directly at the camera. "We are all stretching to prep for that tour choreo," Swift captioned the snap. We are all...
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Valentine's Day

The Best And Worst Cities For Celebrating Valentine's Day

WalletHub.com just ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country from the best places to celebrate Valentine's Day to the worst. The rankings are based on 23 factors including the cost of a three-course meal at a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day . . . hotel prices . . . attractions . . ...
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Jennifer Lawrence

Viral Video: Jennifer Lawrence Leads "Fly Eagles Fly" Chant On A Plane Ahead Of Super Bowl

Watch Jennifer Lawrence lead a "Fly, Eagles, Fly" chant on a plane ahead of Super Bowl 52. Video of Jennifer Lawrence Leads 'Fly Eagles Fly' Chant on a Plane Ahead of Super Bowl.
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Cuisine Capitals Of The U.S.

Google analyzed what types of restaurants people are going to the most in every city to find the "capital" of a bunch of different cuisines. Here are their results... 1. The PIZZA capital is . . . Detroit. Going out for pizza is more popular in Detroit than any other city in the country. 2. The...
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Viral Video: When Drinking A Lot Of Vodka...

This looks like it's out of Russia. A drunk guy spends some 90 seconds trying to put on his shirt, but he keeps failing because it's a pair of pants. He's in the middle of his fifth attempt when the video ends. Video of This happens when drinking a lot of vodka | Watch the man on the bed.No one...
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Each Country's Favorite Winter Olympics Sport

According to recent YouTube views, Google was able to determine each country's favorite Winter Olympics sport. The U.S., Canada, and Russia love hockey. Mexico and South America prefer bobsledding. And across most of Africa and the Middle East, the top winter sport is curling. Click Here to see...
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