Woman and Dog

Your Dog Would Run Through A Wall To Help You If You're In Pain

According to a new study, researchers found that when dogs heard their owners crying, the dogs would do whatever it took to push through a door to help them. That's right: Your dog would basically run through a wall for you. And there's more... Even if you're not crying, your dog develops the...
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check out line

Here Are the Top Five Strategies People Use to Cut in Line

There aren't many things in day-to-day life that make people angrier than someone CUTTING in a line. But people keep doing it anyway. A new survey found more than one in four people admit to cutting in lines. And here are the five most common STRATEGIES they use to try to get away with it . . . 1...
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Past Crushes You Were Clueless About, But Realize Now

Can you think of a person who was putting out all the crush signals (in the past,) but you failed to notice until recently? We all have them according to research, unless you live in a cave. This is about the lights finally coming on for you Dum-Dum. Julianne Adams from "Someecards" tracked down a...
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Karlie Kloss

St. Louisian Karlie Kloss Is Engaged

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is engaged to longtime boyfriend Jared Kushner, the brother of White House advisor and presidential son-in-law, Jared Kushner. "He proposed a few weeks ago during a romantic weekend together in upstate New York," a People source says. "They’re both overjoyed and happily...
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Chick-Fil-A Is Going To Start Selling Meal Kits For You To Make At Home

Chick-fil-A just announced they're going to sell meal kits, like the ones you can order from companies like Blue Apron. If you pick one up at their stores, it'll have all the ingredients for you to cook meals at home like Dijon chicken and chicken parmesan. The kits will cost $16 and at first, they...
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Here Are Some Of The Craziest Baby Names From 2017

The website Nameberry.com just went through the Social Security Administration's data on baby names from last year to find some of the craziest names that multiple parents decided to give to their kids. Here are the highlights: 1. Tesla. 141 babies were named Tesla last year, 130 girls and 11 boys...
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Kevin the Intern

Can Kevin Do the Flop Shot Trick?

We have been gearing up for the 100th PGA Championship that will take place from August 9–12 at Bellerive Country Club, and we wanted to see if Kevin can attempt the Phil Mickelson ‘flop Shot’ on the golf course. Can Kevin? Let's see... Video of Can Kevin Do the Flop Shot Trick? Can Kevin Trapeze?...
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Watch: Barbie Tells Young Girls to Stop Saying "Sorry"

Barbie is really breaking the mold, and not apologizing for it.
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eviction notice

Apartment's Eviction Notices Uses a Smiling Emoji and People Aren't Happy

A person who lives at an apartment notice in Memphis, Tennessee got an eviction notice last week. And it was taped to their door on a bright piece of orange paper that said, quote, "Guess who's moving? YOU!!!" along with big picture of a smiling emoji. And even though the person hadn't been paying...
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eating at work

The Top Ten Ways Your Job Can Make You Gain Weight

According to an annual survey, almost half of working Americans say their job and their weight are linked. 45% of people said their current job has made them gain weight . . . 49% of women, and 40% of men. Over half of those people said they've gained more than 10 pounds because of their job, and...
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