All Female Artist

International Women's Day Playlist

Today we had an All Female Request Lunch hour in honor of International Women's Day! Here are the songs to add to your next all female playlist: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same Sia – Cheap Thrills Kesha – Praying Destiny’s Child – Survivor Daya – Hide Away Alice Merton...
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Two Grey's Characters Have Been Let Go

Two huge charcters from the hit TGIT show Grey's Anatomy have been given the boot. Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner) and Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) are going to exit Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the current season. According to Deadline , which was the first to report the news, the decision...
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John Cena

'Ew!' Returns with John Cena

John Cena was on Jimmy Fallon last night promoting his new film Blockers and the two also reenacted the famous "Ew!" skit. Check out a clip from "Ew!" in which Sara and her friend Addison (John Cena) practice for dance team auditions to Bruno Mars' "Finesse." Video of "Ew!" with...
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Viral Video: The History Of International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, and here's the history behind choosing to celebrate women today. Video of The History of International Women's Day
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Viral Video: Family Accidentally Eats Recently Purchased 21-Year-Old Cereal

A family in Colorado recently bought a cereal at Walmart, only to find that after they ate some of it, it was 21-YEARS-OLD??!! Video of Denver 7 News 21 year old Cereal
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Photo: Zayn Malik Gets Voldemort Tattoo

Zayn Malik got a calf tattoo of . . . Lord Voldemort? #Update | Seems like Zayn has a Voldemort tattoo on his right leg! A Harry Potter stan indeed. (via @zaynilla ) pic.twitter.com/KIgwOCr04H — Zayn Malik News (@ZaynJMNews) February 28, 2018
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Sci-Fi Movies That Also Deserved To Win Best Picture

On Sunday night, "The Shape of Water" became the first sci-fi movie to win Best Picture at the Oscars in its 90-year history. And now, there's a list of 12 sci-fi movies that should have done it sooner. 1. "King Kong", 1933. It did not receive any Oscar nominations. The Best Picture winner that...
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Photo: Kim Kardashian Life-Sized Cake

A London baker made a Kim Kardashian life-sized "cake" out of Rice Krispies and 33 pounds of icing??!! Who is currently in my kitchen is today's question? I can tell you security popped in so I could do a quick fitting then they took the bling n left. But who is she? #mystery #...
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Viral Video: Drone Proposal Doesn't Go As Planned

Some guy used a drone to film himself proposing to his girlfriend. They're vacationing in Iceland and the proposal was outside in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, right before he drops to one knee the drone goes haywire and crashes into the snow. Video of Drone Proposal Doesn't Go as...
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Viral Video: Cool Dude Boat Dancing Fail

This was from last month in Brazil, but it's making the rounds now. A guy is on a boat and showing off his sexy dance moves. His friends encourage him so he pulls himself onto the railing and does hip thrusts . . . until he loses his grip and face-plants on the deck. Apparently he wasn't hurt...
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