Look: Major League Baseball's Proposed Safety Protocols

Major League Baseball will reportedly have some new rules to protect against the spread of COVID-19.
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American Idol

Watch: American Idol's "We Are The World"

The "American Idol" contestants, past and present, teamed up for a new version of "We Are the World".
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The Most Common Nightmares

A new poll found our most common nightmares are...
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Watch: Graduate Together 2020

LEBRON JAMES and BARACK OBAMA were the main commencement speakers for the "Graduate Together" virtual ceremony this weekend.
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Look: Keeping Strawberries Fresh Hack

This strawberry HACK will instantly make your mushy fruit as good as new again.
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Each State's Most Popular Cocktail

Here's the most popular COCKTAIL in every state right now.
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rock guitar

Look: The Scariest Band Names To Fight

There's a Twitter thread asking if band names were literal, which would be the scariest to fight.
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social distancing

What To Do When Someone Isn't Social Distancing

Here's what to do when someone ISN'T social distancing.
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Milking Cucumbers Trend

The latest trend is MILKING CUCUMBERS??!!
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Weird Al

Watch: "We're All In This Together" Parody Video

Check out a PARODY video of Gal Gadot's "Imagine" video with celebrities singing "Eat It".
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