Look: Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Chips

Pringles has released its NEW Thanksgiving potato chips. You can get a pack of three flavors . . . turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie . . . for $15 at KelloggStore.com. They go on sale tonight, and as far as we know, they won't be in stores, so that's how you'll have to get 'em. PRINGLES...
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The Most Popular Baby Names For 2028

The website Nameberry.com just put together a list of the most popular baby names of 2028. It's based on current trends . . . patterns of how names go in and out of style . . . and, quote, "rhythms of the past to predict the future," whatever that means. So based on all that, the top 10 girls'...
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How Long It Takes To Be A Millionaire In Every State

A new study figured out how long it would take the average person to become a millionaire in every state, based on the average income and cost of living. The fastest place is Maryland, at 28 years, and the slowest is West Virginia, at 110 years. It takes about 53 years to become a millionaire in...
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Look: Idris Elba Is "People" Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"

Idris Elba has been named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2018. How did he feel when they told him he got it? He says, quote, "It was a nice surprise... an ego boost for sure." #IdrisElba is People's 2018 #SexiestManAlive! Click the link in our bio for all of the ~sexy~ details. -- |--: @...
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The Cuffing Season is upon us!

What is the Cuffing Season that is upon us? I immediately thought of a pair on my khakis getting a pant leg cuff. Fashionable now? No. The Cuffing Season is the time between fall and the dead of winter when people start looking for someone they can spend those long, frigid months with. Cuffing is...
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Throws Surprise Birthday Party for 106-Year-Old Regular

If you're 98 years old and hoping to see 106, here's a pro tip: Start eating tons of Taco Bell. That's exactly what Myrtis Jewel Painter of Phoenix has been doing for the past eight years, and on Sunday, her friendly neighborhood Taco Bell threw its oldest regular a surprise 106th birthday party. "...
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People Who Decorate Early For Christmas Are Happier Than People Who Wait

I typically bring up the Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving or even the following weekend, BUT with baby girl #2 making her arrival right before Christmas ... I've been thinking about asking Brian to bring up the decorations this weekend. That way it can be done and I don't have...
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A Donut Shop's Customers Are Buying Out The Inventory Daily So The Owner Can Spend Time With His Sick Wife

There's a guy named John Chhan who owns a donut shop in Seal Beach, California. He and his wife Stella have been working together at the shop every morning since they came to the country as refugees from Cambodia almost 40 years ago. Some of his regular customers recently noticed Stella wasn't...
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Laila Anderson

Joe Buck Helps Young Girl Search for Bone Marrow Match

Joe Buck is rooting for one young local girl battling rare disease known as HLH. According to Fox 2, Laila Anderson, was a perfectly healthy until one day in August of 2017. The exact diagnosis as to what was wrong didn't come until recently. This particular diagnosis has only been identified in 15...
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Delia's Is Back

If you were a girl in the '90s, then you are probalby familiar with the brand Delia's. Well... It's coming BACK! They have partnered with Dolls Kill for collections dropping in November, January, and March. Click Here to see more.
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