Chris Evans

Feel-Good "Behind The Scenes" Hollywood Stories

A list of feel-good "behind the scenes" Hollywood stories includes...
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CDC Guidelines For Reopening Restaurants And Bars

The CDC has issued several NEW guidelines for reopening restaurants and bars.
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Tiger King

Watch: "Tiger King: Game Of Thrones Intro"

Here's what "Tiger King" might have looked like if it had an intro like "Game Of Thrones".
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cell phone

Cell Phone Habit That Might Mean Cheating

Here's a sneaky habit with a CELL Phone that might mean someone's cheating...
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Graduation Song

The Best Graduation Songs

"Rolling Stone" has a list of the best GRADUATION songs from the past 25 years.
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Ryan Seacrest

Watch: Ryan Seacrest Responds To Having "Possible Stroke"

Did Ryan Seacrest have a STROKE during the "American Idol" finale?
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Watch: Traveling Trumpet Player Plays "Pomp And Circumstance" For Graduates

A California trumpet player is driving around hoping to play "Pomp and Circumstance" for this year's graduates.
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The Most Common Excuses

The average person comes up with over 2,000 EXCUSES a year to avoid doing stuff.
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Will Ferrell

Listen: Will Ferrell's "Volcano Man" Song

Will Ferrell SINGS a new song from his upcoming Netflix comedy.
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knitted doll

Look: Teacher Knits Dolls Of Her Students

A teacher knitted dolls of all 23 of her students because she missed them so much.
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