expired milk

Drinking Milk Past The Expiration Date

A new survey asked people how far past the expiration date they'll drink milk. And a LOT of people are willing to blow right past the date as long as the milk basically seems fine. 53% say they'll drink milk up to FOUR days after its expiration date, and 16% of people will drink it up to EIGHT days...
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security question

Look: JetBlue's "Favorite Child" Security Question

One of the possible security questions you can answer for your JetBlue account is "What's the name of your favorite child?" It's going to be bad news when JetBlue inevitably gets hacked and people can find out what their parents answered. Anyway, someone tweeted a screenshot of that question on...
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online shopping

Holiday Shopping Online While Working

Cyber Monday is the #1 day of the year for "work-shopping." 43% of us plan to spend at least a few minutes at work checking out deals on Cyber Monday this year, which is December 2nd. Only 29% of people said they NEVER shop while they're on the clock. Men are more likely to shop at work during the...
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Black Friday

The Stores With The Best And Worst Black Friday Deals

A new study analyzed the Black Friday ads from 29 of the biggest retail chains in the country to figure out who's offering the best average deals this year, and who's offering the worst. The average deal overall is 40.4% off. That's an improvement from last year, when it was 37% off. And the best...
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National Stuffing Day

We're a week out from Thanksgiving, but TODAY is National Stuffing Day. And according to a new poll, a lot of us don't even use the term "stuffing" though. Just under 3,000 Americans were asked: "What do you call the Thanksgiving side dish that mixes bread cubes, broth, and seasoning?" And a...
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Dating Trends For 2020

The dating app Plenty of Fish just put together their predictions for dating trends in 2020... 1. Cause-playing . . . where a casual relationship ends, but the person eventually circles back to ask for a favor, like going to their band's show or supporting their Kickstarter. 61% of people say this...
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online chat

Simple Trick To Make More Friends Online

Some scientists were looking for a formula to make more friends online, and the answer they came up with was surprisingly simple. You just have to do one thing: Join more groups. The more you join, the more friends you'll make. Click Here to see more.
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Thanksgiving Meal

Website Will Pay You To Livestream Your Thanksgiving Meal

A site called CamSoda will pay up to $250 to cover the cost of your entire Thanksgiving dinner if you're willing to livestream the whole thing for their users. There's no nudity required, but everyone at dinner has to be over 18. Click Here to see more.
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Thanksgiving Meal

Look: Most Hated Thanksgiving Food In Every State

A new study found the most hated Thanksgiving food in every state. Cranberry sauce is least popular in 17 states, green bean casserole is least popular in 12 (including BOTH Missouri and Illinois), and both turkey and pumpkin pie are the most hated in three states. Here are the most hated...
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Baby Stocking

Barbara Bush's Extra Baby Stockings

Barbara Bush made extra Christmas stockings for great-grandchildren she might never meet. Which came in handy, because JENNA BUSH HAGER found out she was pregnant AFTER Barbara passed away. Click Here to see more.
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