The Masked Singer

Watch: "The Masked Singer" Kitty Revealed

The person under the KITTY mask was revealed on last night's "The Masked Singer".
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Watch: AC/DC's Brian Johnson's Hoover Vacuum Commercial

Brian Johnson did a commercial for Hoover vacuums just before he got the job as AC/DC's new lead singer in 1980.
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Bruce Willis

Look: Bruce Willis Returns To Wife Emma Heming

Bruce Willis is out of quarantine with Demi Moore's family, and he is back with his current wife Emma.
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Dr. Fauci

Look: Dr. Fauci Inspired "Sexy" Romance Novel Doctor

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the inspiration behind a "sexy" scientist character in a romance novel.
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Mom Quarantine

What Moms Are Looking Forward To Most When The Quarantine Ends

Here's what moms are looking forward to the most when the quarantine ends, according to a new survey...
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Snacking On Murder Hornets

In Japan, MURDER HORNETS are actually considered a delicacy??!!
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watermelon wine

Look: Aldi's Pink Watermelon Wine

Aldi is selling a PINK watermelon wine.
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Look: Sprite Lemonade Returns

Sprite Lemonade has returned to store shelves for a limited time.
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Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Look: Baby Yoda Chia Pet

You will soon be able to buy a Baby Yoda CHIA PET.
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all-purpose cleaner

Things You CAN'T Clean With All-Purpose Cleaner

Some of the things that you CAN'T clean with an "all-purpose" cleaner include...
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