Jason Mamoa

Actors Who Did Lifetime Movies Before They Were Famous

A list of actors who made Lifetime movies before they were famous includes...
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jogging with mask

Experts Rank Activities Based On Their Coronavirus Risk

Infectious disease experts ranked different activities based on how likely you are to get the virus.
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Lucky Charms

Look: Swiss Miss Lucky Charms

Swiss Miss has teamed up with Lucky Charms.
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2020 Trends

The Top-Trending Words Of 2020

The Global Language Monitor released a list of the top-trending words in 2020 so far.
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Kanye West

Look: Kanye West Is Running For President

Kanye West has announced that he is running for PRESIDENT.
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How To Tie-Dye With Red Wine Tips

A few tips for tie-dying with RED WINE include...
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glove sign language

Watch: New Glove Translates Sign Language To Speech

Researchers have developed a glove to translate American sign language to SPEECH!
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Kurt Warner

Zachary Levi To Play Kurt Warner In "American Underdog"

Zachary Levi is set to star in a new movie about Kurt Warner!
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Will Smith

The Best And The Worst Movies Released Over The Fourth Of July Weekend

Here are the movies released over the Fourth of July weekend RANKED.
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healthcare worker

What We've Endured In 2020 So Far

Some of the things that we have endured this year so far includes...
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