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Watch: "Dial Code Santa Claus"

There's a French movie called "Dial Code Santa Claus", about a kid protecting his home from a psycho Santa. It's kind of like a less kid-friendly version of "Home Alone", but it came out in 1989, a year BEFORE "Home Alone". Video of DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS | Trailer Read More

Watch: Post Malone's Love Of Olive Garden

Post Malone really LOVES Olive Garden. Here's Dennis Rodman giving him an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas. DENNIS RODMAN got POST MALONE a Christmas gift . . . Photo by Adam DeGross . . . #postmalone #dennisrodman #stoney #beerbongsandbentleys A post shared by adam degross (@adamdegross) on... Read More

Watch: Students Stress Scream

This happened last week at the University of California, Riverside. A student created an event on Facebook, asking classmates to meet on campus and scream at the university. It was called a "stress scream," since it was Finals Week, and a bunch of people actually showed up. Someone at my school... Read More

Watch: The Best News Bloopers Of 2018

The YouTube channel News Be Funny posted a 15-minute montage of the Best News Bloopers of the year. We've seen several of them, but there are some new ones that are worth checking out. Video of BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2018 Read More

"Your Stripper Name" Formula

People on Twitter are coming up with their STRIPPER NAME based on a new formula: Your favorite salad dressing, plus the thing that disappoints your parents the most. So it could be like Russian Unmarried . . . Ranch Liberal . . . or Honey Mustard Didn't Go to Law School. Your stripper name is your... Read More