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Taco Bell's Menu Ranked

A writer for Thrillist just put out a list ranking all 53 menu items at Taco Bell. He also did the rankings a few years back, but there were only 47 items back then. His top five items are: Soft Taco . . . Mexican Pizza . . . Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla . . . Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco... Read More

Look: Papa John's Chicken And Waffles Pizza

Papa John's just announced they're coming out with a brand new pizza that uses CHICKEN and WAFFLES as the topping. The pizza will come out sometime later this year. Power to the pizza people. We're giving YOU the chance to pick our next Specialty Pizza! Check out the final choices below and follow... Read More

Forgetting A Simple Word

Have you ever forgotten a totally basic word? People on Twitter are sharing stories of when that happened to them like a woman who couldn't think of the word "soup" and said she wanted a "really wet salad," or another woman who blanked on her husband's name when she introduced him to her boss... Read More

How Long Couples Spend Planning Their Wedding

A new survey talked to 2,000 people who got married in the past year. And the average couple spent 528 HOURS planning their wedding. That's the equivalent of 66 full, eight-hour workdays. Or just over three months of unpaid work you have to do. Here are five more stats from the survey . . . 1. The... Read More


There's a new startup that wants to handle all the logistics of your BREAKUP. It's called Onward, and for anywhere between $100 and $500, they'll handle everything from moving you out of your ex's place to setting you up on dates. Click Here to see more. Read More

Walking Before Work

A new study found that going for a brisk, 30-minute walk each morning lowers your blood pressure for the entire day. And it's so effective, it's on par with taking a high blood pressure medication. Click Here to see more. Read More

Watch: Jay-Z And Beyonce's Brit Awards Photobomb Video

JAY-Z and BEYONCÉ weren't in attendance to accept their Brit Award, but they sent a video, complete with a photobomb from MEGHAN MARKLE. Well played @Beyonce & @S_C_ -- Watch The #BRITs 2019 live here: — BRIT Awards (@BRITs) February 20, 2019 Read More