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Nicolas Cage

Look: Find Nicolas Cage In The Cleveland Indians' Lineup Cards

Last season, the Cleveland Indians hid images of NICOLAS CAGE in 39 different game lineup cards, and nobody noticed! Just want to let you know that we hid Nicolas Cage in (39) of our lineup graphics last year. We snuck it by you! You didn't even notice! It's our greatest treasure. Go on a scavenger... Read More

Look: Official "Friends" Cookbook

An official "Friends" cookbook is on the way! An Official Friends Cookbook Is Coming so You Can Make Iconic Recipes from the Show — People (@people) May 20, 2020 Read More

The Big Events We Have Missed During Lockdown

A new survey found the average person has missed FOUR BIG events during the quarantine lockdown. Here are the eight most common events we've missed... 1. Birthday parties. 64% of us have missed at least one of them. 2. Weddings, 49%. 3. Graduation ceremonies, 49%. 4. Baby showers, 47%. 5... Read More
Masked Singer

Watch: "The Masked Singer" Season Finale

Here's what happened on last night's "The Masked Singer" season finale... Video of The Frog Is Revealed! Who's Behind The Mask? | Season 3 Ep. 18 | THE MASKED SINGER Video of The Turtle Is Revealed! Who's Behind The Mask? | Season 3 Ep. 18 | THE MASKED SINGER Video of The Night... Read More

Subtle Signs You Are More Stressed Than Usual

Here are five subtle signs you're more stressed-out than usual... 1. You're tired, even when you haven't done much. Stress alone is exhausting, even when you're not physically active. And chronic fatigue can be a sign you're depressed. 2. You startle really easily. It might be a sign you're feeling... Read More
Froot Loops

Look: Kellogg's New Toucan Sam

Kellogg's just redesigned Toucan Sam from Froot Loops. They took his blue body color and made it brighter and more turquoise, gave him anime cartoon style eyes, and added a psychedelic rainbow pattern to his beak. And based on the responses on social media, the verdict is that NO ONE likes it... Read More

Things We Failed At During Quarantine

A new study found the average person only lasted 12 days in lockdown before they tried to do something they'd normally pay for, like haircuts and pedicures. And it has NOT always gone well. Here are five things we've failed at... 1. A quarter of people who've had an at-home haircut ended up... Read More
Chris Evans

Feel-Good "Behind The Scenes" Hollywood Stories

There's plenty of negativity in the news these days, so put together a list of "life-affirming behind-the-scenes stories" out of Hollywood... 1. Chris Evans' mom cried after seeing him as the OLD Steve Rogers in "Avengers: Endgame", because apparently, he looked exactly like HER father... Read More