Watch: Reporter Doesn't Know She's Talking To Def Leppard's Guitarist

A Houston reporter had no idea she was talking to the guitarist for Def Leppard!

September 7, 2018

(Photo by Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports)


A Houston reporter named Syan Rhodes was doing man-on-the-street interviews recently, when she asked some British guy what he was doing in Houston.  He told her he was in town playing with a band.

She asked him, quote, "Is it, like, a band I would recognize?"  He replied, "Probably, yeah."  Turns out it was DEF LEPPARD guitarist PHIL COLLEN.  To be fair, the reporter looks pretty young.

Rhodes posted the video on Twitter, and said, quote, "Sometimes your "man on the street" interview turns out to be a MAJOR ROCK STAR!!!  Nice to meet you Phil Collen!!!"