National Guacamole Day

Sunday is National Guacamole Day.

September 14, 2018



Sunday is National Guacamole Day.  And here are a few stats on guac from a new survey that you can discuss with your friends while you celebrate the holiday, because everyone loves numbers...

1.  48% of people say they LOVE guacamole, and another 25% say they like it.  Less than 8% say they hate it.

2.  29% of people eat it at least once a week, and 6% eat it DAILY.

3.  And when you're at Chipotle or another place and they say "guac is extra, is that okay?" . . . 38% of people always pay up.  27% will pay extra for it once in a while, and 11% will only eat it if it's included for free. 

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