National French Fry Day

Today is National French Fry Day, a very real and very important holiday.

July 13, 2018



Today is National French Fry Day, and the average American eats about 20 to 30 POUNDS of 'em every year.

A medium fry at McDonald's is 4.1 ounces.  So that means we all eat the equivalent of 78 to 117 medium fries every year.  That's once every three to five days. 

Anyway, here are a few results from a new survey in honor of National French Fry Day.  I was just kidding about all of us dying, I swear.

1.  McDonald's has the most popular fries of any fast food chain.  The rest of the top five are:  Chick-fil-A . . . Five Guys . . . Wendy's . . . and Arby's.

2.  Ketchup is the most popular dipping sauce by far.  Ranch came in second, and cheese sauce is third.

3.  And 21% of people say they love dipping fries into a milkshake. 

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