The Most Valuable NBA Franchises

Here are the MOST valuable NBA franchises.

February 7, 2019

(Photo by Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)


"Forbes" has determined the values of all the NBA teams, and even though the New York Knicks are still a total mess ON the court, the franchise somehow has the highest value at $4 BILLION.

This is actually the FOURTH straight year they've been #1, even though the team's record is 102-197 in that time.  Which is a winning percentage of 34.1%.  And on top of that, they've only won ONE playoff series since 2000. 

Here are the Top Five:

1.  The New York Knicks, $4 billion

2.  The Los Angeles Lakers, $3.7 billion

3.  The Golden State Warriors, $3.5 billion

4.  The Chicago Bulls, $2.9 billion

5.  The Boston Celtics, $2.8 billion

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