The Most Popular Holiday Drinks

The average American drinks TWICE as much during the holidays, according to a new survey.

December 4, 2018

(Photo by Viktorija Puke/


According to a new study, the average American drinks TWICE as much during the holidays than any other time of year.  And we attend three times as many social events about three a week, compared to one event a week normally.

Here are the five most popular holiday drinks, according to the survey...

1.  Eggnog.  40% of us like it.

2.  Coffee with Baileys Irish Cream, 34%.

3.  Holiday beers, 28%.  Like a winter lager, or a gingerbread stout.

4.  Cider, 27%.

5.  Hot buttered rum, 21%. That's rum mixed with butter, hot water or cider, and spices.

The survey also found that all those parties and dinners we go to put a pretty big dent in our wallet.  We normally spend an average of $241 a month on social events.  But in December, it jumps to $537.

And the average employee will be late to work three times this month.  Sleeping in and being hung over are two of the top reasons. 

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