The Most Depressing "Single Man" Solo Meals

Here are just a few of the most depressing "single man" solo meals that some guys have made.

June 29, 2018



There's a discussion on Reddit right now where guys are sharing the most depressing "single man" solo meals they've ever made.  Here are some of the best ones...

1.  "I was too lazy to do dishes so I took a handful of cereal, put it in my mouth, then chugged milk.  Ate the whole new box of cereal in one sitting."

2.  "A can of cold ravioli with a half a bag of very stale Doritos and flat Coke."

3.  "I opened a can of baked beans, heated it up directly on the burner, then put on a glove and ate it out of the can."

4.  "I drank six oatmeal stouts and called it dinner.  I decided that if it has the calorie count of a meal, it's a meal."

5.  "A bowl of instant oatmeal and a tilapia filet from the back of the freezer.  Mixed together with no seasonings.  Just fish and oatmeal."

6.  "Plain white rice with Italian salad dressing poured over it."

7.  "Just a bag of raw spinach, seasoned every few bites with a couple shakes of salt and pepper."

8.  "Made a Bloody Mary with vodka and SpaghettiOs." 

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