Look: Favorite Veggies By State

What's the MOST popular vegetable in each state?

June 14, 2018



A new survey found the most popular VEGETABLE in every state..


1.  Broccoli is the most popular vegetable in the country.  It came out on top in 24 of the 50 states (including Illinois).

2.  Corn is the second-most popular . . . it came in first in nine states.

3.  Potatoes won six states (including Missouri). . . carrots won five states . . . string beans won three states . . . and cucumbers won two.

4.  Peas won one state . . . Idaho.  That's right, they didn't go with potatoes.

5.  And that means onions, green peppers, celery, spinach, and kale are not the most popular ANYWHERE. 

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