The Best States To Live In If You Love Sandwiches

Thrillist recently ranked the top ten states to live in if you love sandwiches.

March 4, 2019

(Photo by Kwangwestrate/


The website Thrillist recently ranked the best states to live in if you love sandwiches.  Here are the top ten...

1.  Pennsylvania.  Mostly because of cheesesteaks.  But Pittsburgh also has Primanti Brothers, which is famous for putting French fries IN sandwiches.

2.  New Jersey.  Because of all the Italian deli sandwiches you can get.

3.  New York.  Home of the $22 pastrami sandwich from Katz's Deli.

4.  Louisiana.  Po' boys.

5.  Illinois.  Italian beef sandwiches.

6.  Florida.  Home of the Cuban sandwich.

7.  Maryland.  There are crab cake sandwiches, fried soft shell crab sandwiches, and pit beef sandwiches.

8.  South Carolina.  Mainly for its pulled-pork sandwiches.

9.  Maine.  Lobster rolls.

10.  Oregon.  Because Portland has so many restaurants and food trucks with good sandwiches. 

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