What We Would Give Up To Never Have To Pay Taxes

What would you give up NEVER to have to pay taxes again?

August 14, 2020

(Photo by Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press, Detroit Free Press via Imagn Content Services, LLC)


A recent survey asked people what they'd give up FOREVER if they never had to pay taxes again.  And 1 in 20 people would give up their BEST FRIENDS.  How many of these ten things would you be willing to sacrifice?

1.  Watching sports.  43% would give up sports forever.

2.  Video games, 40%.

3.  Alcohol, 37%.

4.  Exercise, 22%.

5.  Your favorite food, 19%.  And 22% would give up all dessert foods.

6.  TV.  Just 12% said they'd give it up.

7.  Music, 8%.

8.  Cell phones, 6%.

9.  Driving AND riding in cars, 5%.

10.  Your best friends, also 5%.

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